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Flood Entrance - 05 Mar 2006

Sunday March 5th 2006

Members present: Ellie Jones,  Kevin Francis,  Steve Gilbert

Report by Steve Gilbert

We did indeed have some minor issues identifying wades and flood. The guide says that flood is 80m from bar. This is probably measured from path down into bar.

Flood is the first small shake-hole where the entrance cuts back towards the path and drops into a small chamber/rift. The way on is very tight! (I almost for stuck, due to, 1) muscular buttocks, 2) a layer of ice on the wall (brrr!) and 3) a tackle sack on my head!).

The easier (wades) entrance is indeed 30m further on with a slightly larger, more circular entrance with less exposed rock.

The south east pot pitch now starts with 2 re-belays near the top. I found 2 deviations, but suspect these aren’t the documented ones! The first (some way down) consisting of thin cord wrapped around a loose chock stone - nice! This is a tight pendulum which lands you straight into a knife edge protrusion - so I'd really suggest not using this!!! (I think this would have been rigged in desperation.)

There was very little water, so I just put the second deviation in much lower down to stop some rope rub and to land on the ledge (the thread is on the right if you back is to the water fall.)