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Flood Entrance - 05 Mar 2006

Sunday March 5th 2006

Members present: Ellie Jones,  Kevin Francis,  Steve Gilbert

Report by Kevin Francis

This was a fine Sunday cave.
There was a good blend of crawling, stomping and ropework.

It took us a while to find the right entrance, but once we had decided that the first hole we came across was perhaps a little too awkward even for Steve it was easy going down Wades once we had managed to get all our lights working! The first few pitches were gentle going with a good crawl between the first and second. The big pitch was interesting and perhaps we should have looked at all the p hangers available before using the ones we did! There was plenty of choice but Steve neglected to spot the simply route! I was pleased that I remembered the route to the main GG chamber from SE pot given it has been about 5 months since last down that route. Once in GG we were greeted by a freshly deaded sheep. It was impressive it had moved so far into the chamber away from the waterfall! We scrambled up a fairly steep muddy slope to the right of GG to find a couple of digs (complete with rails on the floor) which would be interesting to return to. Given times constraints (and the fact we wanted dinner) it was decided not to explore them. We had been fairly efficient throughout but we seemed to be quicker leaving the cave (the crawls out seemed a lot gentler) and even made daylight! For the first time I derigged, happily without a hitch.