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Rowten Pot - 23 May 2004

Sunday May 23rd 2004

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Christian Macaro,  Dominic Galliano,  Gary Douthwaite

Report by Gary Douthwaite

This is a cave I've wanted to do for ages and never had the chance till today. A great trip in a great and classic Yorkshire cave. It was a lot shorter than I expected but still a great deal of fun. We had to wait for a while at the top as two other guys had just beaten us to the entrance, never mind, it was a nice sunny day! Ade and I went off exploring Roweten Cave while we were waiting, went as far as the end of the streamway (about 200m) before it got too low and thought Dom and Christian may have thought we'd got lost if we sayed any longer. The trip went without incident apart from the second-to-last crab at the top which refused to move. It took three of us to get the thing off and almost ended up leaving it and having to de-thread the whole rope.