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Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) to the Upper Oxbow Series - 23rd Mar 2011

Wednesday March 23rd 2011

Members present: Caitlin Brumby,  Mark Sims,  Toby Buxton

Report by Caitlin Brumby

Unfortunately the original plan to get into the upper oxbow series didn't quite work. After getting to the traverses, and doing them, we missed the fact we had to climb down to get round the corner, leading to a rope ladder there for us to climb up to start the route planned. Not wanting to fall down the big hole, we thought we could just try get into the series in reverse, by going up the Skyhook pitch we had already rigged - no! After getting a very splendid crystal pool we also got to some tape. Being sure that the way on was over the tape left us in a bit of a predicament - so we just turned back not wanted to upset any body or any formations.

Instead we went down to maypole inlet, and I had the rather interesting test of getting back out of the stream way with my short legs! It's a shame we didn't get to go ahead with the planned trip, and that we ended up doing the terrifying traverses twice, but still a good days caving :)