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Stream Passage Pot - 13 May 2007

Sunday May 13th 2007

Members present: Andrew Gilmartin,  Holly Read,  James Gregory,  Lauren Ellis,  Matthew Chubb

Report by Andrew Gilmartin

Ahhh the weather was very pleasant on the stroll up to ingbleborough. We did take it very leisurely indeed. The Winch meet was in the process of being set up and we met one of the club members. He told us that we were very naughty for attempting to do stream without a permit and that we are all very bad cavers :(
After ignoring the ill informed man we went down the cave and had fun. The cave is very noisy and windy throughout, hence 3 krabs for scum. I had a blast rigging the second half. We got to the last pitch and I had to rig a knot pass- another 'Des Marshall moment'. "Take a 20m rope for a 26m pitch" the guide says. OH Des!!!! Have you been down any of these caves?