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Members can attend any of the events and caving trips and take part in training. If you want to join or just want to know more, come along to a training session or see us in the pub after!

Recent trips & events...

November 29th - 30th

Christmas Meal Weekend

November 22nd - 23rd

Alternative CHECC Forum

Sunday November 17th

Notts Pot

November 9th - 10th

NPC Weekend Away

Saturday November 2nd

Ireby Fell Caverns

Trips & Events Diary

January 25th - 26th 2020 NPC Weekend Away

February 8th - 9th 2020 Bullpot Farm Weekend Away (TBC)

February 29th - March 1st 2020 Nenthead Mines Weekend Away

March 13th - 22nd 2020 Wales Week!

A highlight of the YUCPC year. We'll be heading down to South Wales where we will be staying at the SWCC bunkhouse. We'll be down south for a total of 9 days. The caving in wales is slightly different to the caving up in the Yorkshire Dales, as it is mostly horizontal and SRT is mostly not required.